Stinger nets removed for beach clean-up

Date published: 8 March 2018

North Strand, Pallarenda and Balgal beaches have had their stinger enclosures removed after heavy rain washed debris into the water.

The nets have been taken down so machines can be used to help clear the weeds and logs and restore the beaches as quick as possible.

Division 3 Councillor Ann-Maree Greaney said keeping the water safe and clean is important after heavy rain.

“Debris in the water makes our beaches unpleasant and potentially unsafe to be in,” Cr Greaney said.

“Temporarily removing the stinger enclosures will help crews clear the water quickly so the nets can go back up and the beaches can be reopened.

“While this work is completed we have other great beaches with stinger nets that are still open.”

North Strand’s stinger net will be put back up before the weekend if the debris has cleared.

Works to Pallarenda and Balgal Beach are expected to be completed early next week, with stinger nets being redeployed as soon as the water is clear.

Other popular beaches such as South Strand, Horseshoe Bay, Alma Bay, Picnic Bay and the Rockpool have not been affected by this and their stinger nets are still in use.