Water restrictions eased to Level 2

Date published: 12 March 2018

Townsville residents will be able to use sprinklers on their gardens and wash their cars with a hose, after Council decided to ease water restrictions to Level 2.

Mayor Jenny Hill said the Level 2 water restrictions allow residents to use sprinklers twice a week – on an odds and evens system – and wash cars and boats using a hose on any day.

“Council reviewed all the relevant information on water use, dam levels and long-term forecasts before making the decision to ease water restrictions to Level 2,” Cr Hill said.

“We’ve also listened to the community to allow residents to wash their cars with a hose – instead of just using a bucket or water-efficient car wash.

“This is about getting the balance right between trying to prolong the amount of water in the dam while still allowing residents to use water how they want to.”

Handheld watering is allowed at any time on any day.

Level 2 water restrictions will commence from Saturday, allowing residents to use sprinklers on their gardens over the weekend.

Cr Hill thanked the community for being water wise during the long dry spell.

“Residents did a great job reducing their water use so we could get through the drought until a rain event arrived,” Cr Hill said.

“However, we all know how fickle the weather can be and that’s why we need to ensure the dam level doesn’t get too low too soon.

“We want to ensure we have water security until the $215 million pipeline is built at the end of next year.

“Praying for rain isn’t a strategy and that’s why Council is doing everything we can to ensure Townsville has long-term water security.”

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairman Cr Paul Jacob said Council would continue to monitor the dam levels and would review the restriction level again if more significant rain falls over the catchment.

“If we get more rain over the dam and the level keeps increasing then we will again review the water restriction level,” Cr Jacob.

“Council understands how important our water is and that’s why we want to ensure we preserve such a precious resource while still allowing residents to use water when they need it.”