Locals urged to watch their water use during hot weather

Date published: 29 November 2018

Townsville City Council is encouraging locals to remember to use water efficiently during the hot weather.

Despite yesterday's rain, Townsville residents used well above the city's 135 ML daily water usage target.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee Chair Russ Cook said on several occasions recently the city's water use had spiked to around 180ML a day.

"Temperatures are expected to remain high for the rest of the week and it's important to continue using water efficiently over the next few days," Cr Cook said.

"We all know how extreme the heat has been over this week but it's important to make sure we don't waste water.

"Unfortunately, even before the rain there has been an increasing number of days where we have gone significantly above the daily consumption target of 135ML.

"Sticking to our water use targets is important to ensure we have enough water in the dam until the new pipeline is built in December 2019.

"Council understands this time of the year it can be hard to beat the heat, but we're urging residents to keep using water efficiently while the hot weather lasts."

Cr Cook said drought conditions were affecting other communities in the region.

“Cassowary Coast has just gone on to Level 3 water restrictions, Cairns and Hinchinbrook councils have also introduced water saving measures,” Cr Cook said.

Cr Cook said Council was totally committed to delivering water security for Townsville.

"Council's top priority is delivering long-term water security for Townsville and that's why we are building the new 1.8-metre diameter pipeline, pushing ahead with the recycled water reuse scheme and rolling out the Water Smart Package," Cr Cook said.

The Queensland Government has invested $225 million for water security in Townsville.

Council's 3-point water security solution includes:

  1. The new 1.8-metre diameter pipeline
  2. A recycled water reuse scheme for public open spaces and industrial use
  3. Water Smart Package