Free sprinkler swap to help residents reduce water use

Date published: 4 October 2018

Townsville residents are being urged to reduce water consumption as usage has spiked in recent weeks.

Level 2 water restrictions aim to remain below 135ML each day but our city has used over 150ML on some days.

Acting Mayor Les Walker said the recent rise in water consumption was concerning and urged residents to watch their water use.

“Residents did a great job conserving water during the drought but the dry conditions are back and we need to remain vigilant,” Cr Walker said.

“Council purposely moved to Level 2 water restrictions after the rain in February to try and ensure the community had enough water to last until the new pipeline is built in December 2019 – if there’s another failed wet season.

“We need to manage our water supply as best we can to ensure there is enough water in the dam to prevent having to move to harsher water restrictions before the pipeline is built.

“The pipeline is a key plank of Council’s 3-point water security solution and we are totally committed to building it by December next year.”

Cr Walker said Council was encouraging residents to be more water efficient by holding another sprinkler swap at Stockland Shopping Centre tonight.

“Households use most of their water on the garden, so allowing residents to swap their old water-wasting sprinklers for more efficient ones will help people lower their water use,” Cr Walker said.

“These water-efficient sprinklers have twice the range and use half the water, while still soaking gardens and soil more thoroughly.

“Tonight – during late-night shopping between 4 - 8pm – Council will be giving out hundreds of these water-efficient sprinklers.”