Townsville Water Security Taskforce final report handed down

Date published: 30 October 2018

The Independent Townsville Water Security Taskforce’s final report highlights how building Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the new water pipeline simultaneously will ensure significant savings in building costs.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said the Independent Taskforce’s final report has settled what needs to be done to ensure water security for our community once and for all.

“The report demonstrates the major benefits of building Stage 1 and 2 together – now all we need is the Federal Government to contribute its fair share,” Cr Hill said.

“Water security is absolutely critical for Townsville’s future and that’s why Council is totally committed to delivering Stage 1 of the city’s new water pipeline by December 2019.

“This report clearly states the huge benefits – and savings – to build Stage 1 and Stage 2 together. Doing both stages of the pipeline project together will create significant savings in construction costs and increase the capacity of the pipeline by more than 50 per cent.

“Not only will save huge amounts of money, it will also provide a further boost to our economy and create hundreds more jobs for locals.”

The Taskforce’s interim report recommended Stage 1 of the pipeline – from Ross Dam to the Haughton Channel – commence immediately.

Council is already delivering Stage 1 of the pipeline – from Ross Dam to the Haughton Channel – with the aid of $225 million in funding from the Queensland Government. This upgraded 1.8m diameter pipeline will allow 234 ML to be pumped per day – up from the current pipeline’s maximum capacity of 130 ML per day.

The Taskforce’s final report highlights the cost savings of delivering Stage 2 concurrently with Stage 1. The second stage of the project involves extending the pipeline through to the Burdekin at Clare, which would increase the capacity further to 364 ML per day.

Cr Hill said the report also backed Council’s lobbying for Federal funding of $200 million to ensure Stage 2 could be completed to guarantee Townsville’s future water supply.

“The Queensland Government has already provided $225 million in funding for water security in Townsville and it is time the Federal Government paid its fair share,” Cr Hill said.

“Water security is crucial for the future of Townsville’s economy and our North Queensland lifestyle.

“This pipeline will ensure that our community has water security for decades to come.”