Council committed to ending family violence in Townsville

Date published: 4 April 2019

Townsville City Council has begun an 18-month journey to become a White Ribbon Accredited workplace.

This requires Council to provide evidence of the ways they are creating a safe, supportive and respectful workplace and demonstrate a commitment to preventing and responding to cases of family violence.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said Council is dedicated to doing its part to help prevent or assist employees that may be experiencing family violence.

“We know that family violence is a major issue in Australia and Council wants to ensure we do our part to raise awareness and support victims both at work and in the long-term,” Cr Hill said.

“Being White Ribbon Accredited and meeting the accreditation criteria is about fostering a safe and respectful workplace where all employees feel supported.

“This accreditation is about more than just Council staff – we want to create a culture of change for all residents and lead to end family violence in our community. Council is committed to standing up, speaking out and ending family violence in our community.”

Council held a Cheese for Change event last week where employees were able to sign a pledge to end family violence in Australia and work together to bring about positive change, both at work and in the wider community.

White Ribbon Ambassador and former Police Officer Councillor Russ Cook said this is an issue he feels very passionately about.

“Every person deserves to feel safe at all times, whether that’s in the workplace, out in public or at home,” Cr Cook said.

“It’s important for workplaces to be a part of the solution and to ensure they offer support to their employees that may be experiencing family violence.

“Council really wants to lead the way and set an example for the community – we are committed to helping end family violence in Townsville and Council employees have been very supportive of this.”