Pilot plant in Townsville for recycled water re-use scheme

Date published: 3 April 2019

A pilot plant for the recycled water re-use scheme is operating in Townsville.

The pilot plant will be used to investigate the best set up for when the full-scale facility is up and running.

Last week, Townsville City Council voted to award a contract to Clean-TeQ to build and operate a recycled water re-use plant at the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant. Commercial negotiations between the two parties are ongoing.

The water re-use plant will process treated wastewater, producing high quality recycled water to be used on sporting fields, public spaces and for industrial use.

Mayor Jenny Hill said having the pilot plant in Townsville provided valuable information to Council.

“Council staff are getting a first-hand understanding of how the technology works with the pilot plant being here,” Cr Hill said.

“The recycled water re-use scheme is a very important plank of Council’s 3-point water security solution.

“Despite the unprecedented monsoon, our community still needs to use water as efficiently as possible and prepare for when we next enter drought conditions.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee Chair Cr Russ Cook said the testing being done with the pilot plant was crucial to ensuring the best outcomes for the city.

“When fully operational, the recycled water re-use scheme will treat wastewater to a high standard where it can safely be used on playing fields and parks to keep our city green all year round,” Cr Cook said.

“The data and information we receive from testing with the pilot plant will help ensure we set up this facility in the most efficient possible way to deliver the best outcomes for our community.

“This infrastructure project will be crucial to help ensure Townsville’s long-term water security for decades to come.”

Council’s 3-point water security solution includes:

  1. The new 1.8-metre diameter pipeline.
  2. A recycled water reuse scheme for public open spaces and industrial use.
  3. Water Smart Package.