Townsville City Council launches new Mobility Map

Date published: 21 August 2019

Townsville City Council yesterday launched a Mobility Map of the city following an extensive study done earlier this year.

The map is expected to make planning and travelling through the Townsville CBD easier for both local and visiting wheelchair users.

The Mobility Map project gathered data from a 40km area in the city that shows the difficulty levels of pathways, connection and movement between major areas of the CBD and destination experiences from wheelchair users.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said the Mobility Map was a fantastic resource for residents and visitors to the city wanting to travel around the CBD.

“Council conducted this study with the assistance of wheelchair users from the community to track their experiences visiting our CBD,” Cr Hill said.

“The launch of this map is a fantastic outcome and will allow residents to have a positive experience travelling to major destinations within the CBD.

“It also gave us a tool that shows where Council can improve our pathway network and accessibility for the benefit of the community.”

Cr Hill said the map wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated wheelchair pilots.

“The group of wheelchair pilots were instrumental in completing the Mobility Map by helping to rank the difficulty levels of different areas of the CBD,” she said.

This is the first time this technology has been used in Queensland to conduct a study like this.

This study was conducted in partnership with Spinal Life Australia and Briometrix.

To view the Mobility Map, visit