Council looking for residents to share their recollections from the unprecedented monsoon

Date published: 24 December 2019

Townsville City Council is looking for a content producer who will develop a collection of stories about the unprecedented monsoon from residents’ recollections.

Council has received a grant which will go towards producing a collection of stories about the impact of the floods earlier this year.  The stories will be available to access on a digital platform.

Local Recovery and Resilience Group Chair Cr Les Walker said it’s important to capture the authentic stories of the residents affected by the monsoon in the lead up to the one-year anniversary.

“This has been a very challenging year and there is not a single resident that hasn’t been impacted by the floods in some way,” Cr Walker said.

“It’s important that we capture a diverse range of stories and reflect on how far we’ve come as a city as we head into the one-year anniversary of the monsoon.

“We’re hopeful that residents will be encouraged to contribute their recollections of their experiences once they’ve seen that other members of the community have shared theirs.”

The project will include the development of a series of videos that will focus on a diverse group of community members all impacted by the monsoon in different ways.

Cr Walker said the project would form part of Townsville’s Local History Collection once completed.

“The monsoon will have impacts that are felt by our community years into the future and it’s important that we are able to reflect through these stories and rebuild as a community,” Cr Walker said.

“Every single person is at a different stage of their recovery and I hope it’s a small comfort to residents to see that they aren’t in this alone.”