Residents urged to avoid returning to homes in flooded areas

Date published: 5 February 2019

The Townsville Local Disaster Management Group (TLDMG) is urging residents to avoid returning to homes that have been flooded until further advice is provided.

Although the water levels are receding, flooded areas are still an active emergency zone with flooded waters hiding potentially fast-flowing water, debris and sewerage.

There is also the potential for water to rise rapidly if the rain returns.

TLDMG Chair Mayor Jenny Hill said Townsville is not out of the woods yet.

“Experts are still predicting rain and thunderstorms with the potential of up to 100mm of rain per day for the next few days,” Cr Hill said.

“We are asking everyone to stay away from flooded houses and roads for the time being because there are a number of health and safety risks.

“Even if the rain slows there is still a danger of flooding and rising water going back into homes.”

For more information about the weather event, road closures and flood warnings, residents should visit Council’s Emergency Management Dashboard at