Health and fitness take centre stage at Council’s Get Active Expo

Date published: 9 January 2019

Townsville City Council will showcase more than 100 sport, recreation, health and fitness options at this weekend’s Get Active Expo to encourage local residents to become more active.

The Expo will be held at Townsville Stadium on Sunday from 10am to 2pm.

Acting Mayor Les Walker said Council is always looking for ways to encourage our community to become fitter and healthier.

“Residents can get a firsthand look at sports they’re considering and speak to local clubs and fitness experts,” Cr Walker said.

“People can test their abilities in Active Zones and either join in or watch the 10 Active Demonstrations run on the day.”

The demonstrations range from skateboarding to swing dancing and will appeal to a number of different age groups.

Councillor Maurie Soars – a veteran sports administrator – said the event is a good way for clubs to showcase their sport.

“The Expo gives clubs a chance to reach out to a bigger audience and help attract new members,” Cr Soars said.

“There will be plenty of good role models including Expo Ambassadors Ray Thompson and Mia Murray and some of the Active Heroes named in November.

“They can tell people how they started training and encourage them to take their first step towards a healthier lifestyle.”

Community and Cultural Development Committee Chair Councillor Colleen Doyle said new mums will also be shown a different way to exercise with their babies as part of the Expo.

“Kangatraining Townsville provides a complete workout for a healthy mum and a happy baby. The benefits include a stronger bond between mothers and their children,” Cr Doyle said.

“New mums don’t need to worry about finding a babysitter because they train with their children in baby carriers.

“The chance to meet other mums in a relaxed environment boosts their emotional well being.”

Mothers can begin Kangatraining once they’ve been given the all clear by their doctors.  Most women can start training six to 10 weeks after they give birth.

The Get Active Expo will feature 118 exhibitors from a wide range of local sports and activities.