Popular lawn mowing program to be extended

Date published: 12 June 2019

Community and Cultural Development Committee today recommended continuing the St John Lawn Mowing Program for another two years.

Council invests $120,000 in the program annually to provide assistance to elderly and vulnerable community members for maintaining their yards.

St John Community Care runs and manages the program on behalf of Townsville City Council.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said the program is crucial for not only the residents utilising it, but also local businesses.

“Council’s funding of this program goes not only to helping some of our vulnerable community members – it also supports small businesses who do the work,” Cr Hill said.

“This program has the capacity to help 400 residents with their yards and employs 9 contractors – some of which also employ sub-contractors.

“100% of the funding goes to residents in the form of redeemable vouchers to get a hand when they need it.”

The services included in the program includes mowing the yard and nature strips, trimming the edges of footpaths, driveways, gutters and under the fence line as well as the removal of grass clippings.

Community and Cultural Development Committee Chair Cr Colleen Doyle said she is thrilled the program will continue for another two years.

“This program provides crucial support to some of our most vulnerable members of the community and I’m thrilled that it can continue for the next two years,” Cr Doyle said.

“The community members who use these vouchers have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about the support this program provides them.

“I’d like to thank St John’s Community Care for working with Council to continue offering this service – I know it means a lot to Townsville residents.”

The report will go to Full Council on 25 June for final consideration.