Council extends payment deadline for ratepayers affected by the unprecedented monsoon

Date published: 20 March 2019

Townsville City Council will further help families and businesses directly impacted by the unprecedented monsoonal weather by providing those ratepayers an extra extension on rates until 3 June.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said Council is doing all it can to assist the owners of more than 3000 impacted properties.

“This will help thousands of families and businesses that suffered damage to their property,” Cr Hill said.

“We decided to defer rates payments for all ratepayers by one month when we met in February.

“However, we will now be providing more support to those ratepayers who had their property impacted – including homeowners and businesses.”

Affected ratepayers will have until 3 June to pay their rates for the current period (January to June 19).

Council is also waiving any interest charges on unpaid rates for the current period until 9 October this year.

Affected ratepayers will receive an updated rates notice with the new due date in the mail next week.

Cr Hill said Council wanted to assist ratepayers directly impacted by the unprecedented monsoonal weather.

“Thousands of families and businesses are still trying to recover and Council is trying to do whatever we can to ease some of the financial burden of this disaster,” Cr Hill said.

“The rates extension to 3 June will also be available for ratepayers who can show Council evidence that their properties were adversely impacted during the unprecedented monsoon.”

If you don’t receive an updated rates notice and were impacted please contact Council.