Insurance payments starting to be distributed locally

Date published: 22 March 2019

Insurers are beginning to pay out claims for repairs to damaged properties and contents.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said local businesses in construction and associated industries can expect to see a boost to their sales over the coming weeks.

“We’re reaching the point where some insurance claims are being finalised and the house re-builds are starting,” Cr Hill said.

“Our focus has been on ensuring Townsville’s small businesses have the opportunity to secure work during the rebuild and improve their skills in the process.

“We know there is going to be a significant boost in spending as houses and infrastructure are repaired – it’s important we keep as much of that in the region as we can.”

Local Recovery and Resilience Group (LRRG) Chair Cr Les Walker said the group wants local businesses to keep in touch if they feel like they aren’t getting their fair share of the work.

“Small businesses are the life of our city and we want them to have the best chance to be involved in re-building the city,” Cr Walker said.

“Insurers are releasing work packages but Council and the Local Recovery and Resilience Group is asking local businesses to inform us if they are having trouble getting the opportunity quoting for work.”

Governance and Finance Committee Chair Cr Verena Coombe said Townsville City Council has been working hard to ensure local workers get as much employment during recovery as possible.

“We have asked insurers to use local businesses because we know they have the capacity and the skills to do the work,” Cr Coombe said.

“Council has also streamlined its own procurement process to ensure the recovery is done quickly, is cost effective and benefits our local economy.”

All recovery information is available here.