Lansdown planning application to move to next stage

Date published: 28 May 2019

Townsville City Council has approved progressing the rezoning application for the Lansdown Industrial Precinct to a State Interest Review at Full Council today.

The Lansdown precinct is currently zoned for rural use and Council is seeking to amend the Townsville City Plan to change it to a strategic high-impact industrial zone.

Planning and Development Committee Chair Les Walker said the application will support the Lansdown site’s long-term development focus and attract emerging green industries to the city.

“The development of the Lansdown precinct is the perfect opportunity to attract new industries and is already looking promising with Council committing land to Drive-It and the proposed battery plant,” Cr Walker said.

“These commitments will encourage future developers to consider Townsville as a location to invest in high-impact industries and create jobs for the community.

“Council purchased this land to support future industry and this approval today means we can formally move to the next stage in the process.”

Council had resolved to undertake the Lansdown major amendment in 2017.

Cr Walker said the state interest review is the next stage of getting the precinct off the ground.

“Council has been working with the State Government to ensure the zoning application has the best chance of being accepted and this approval means it can be sent for review,” Cr Walker said.

“Part of this process included completing a number of items to support the application such as Cultural Heritage, Environment, Traffic and Transport studies.

“If the planning application is accepted without any major issues during the state interest review Council can move to community consultation for the amendment.”