The Palmetum Lagoon drained for weed removal

Date published: 4 November 2019

The Palmetum will this week have its Lagoon drained to combat aquatic weeds causing a range of issues in the manmade water habitat.

The weeds, including Ceratophyllum, Salvinia and Lemnoideae, floated into the Lagoon during the unprecedented monsoon event, causing congestion, stagnation and a significant decrease in water quality.

Councillor Mark Molachino said the maintenance aimed to fix any issues caused by the monsoon.

“The maintenance involves draining the Lagoon through filters made of hay bales and shade cloth, to prevent exotic weed potentially filtering into the river,” Cr Molachino said.

“After the weeds are removed, the Lagoon will be refilled using water from the Palmetum’s bore.”

Cr Molachino said the wildlife living in the Lagoon would be well taken care of.

“As the Lagoon is drained, the team will take fish and any other native animals and place them into the live fish transporter. They’ll then be returned to the river downstream from the Lagoon,” Cr Molachino said.

“Any exotic animals found, like Tilapia, will be humanely euthanised and have samples provided to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.”

Local councillor Verena Coombe said residents would still be able to enjoy the gardens.

“The works won’t stop locals from being able to walk around the gardens and take in the beautiful plants we have at The Palmetum,” Cr Coombe said.

“Maintenance like this is important to return the Lagoon and The Palmetum back to its natural glory.”

This maintenance was last undertaken about 10 years ago. Despite being man made, the Lagoon has developed its own natural ecosystem and rarely requires maintenance.

The garden will still be accessible to visitors during this maintenance period.