Revised Mount Louisa walking track released

Date published: 3 October 2019

The revised early work plan for a walking track and viewing platforms on Mount Louisa have been released as part of the Masterplan for the area.

The changes to the Masterplan were made after extensive community consultation and hundreds of pieces of feedback were received by the public.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said Council had made significant changes to the plan following the community consultation period.

“We received almost 300 individual pieces of feedback on the plans for Mount Louisa and Council staff have been working since then to incorporate that feedback and present a revised plan,” Cr Hill said.

“It is important to us that we unlock the potential of Mount Louisa for both residents and visitors while minimising impact on the surrounding community – this revised plan does exactly that.

“A masterplan for Mount Louisa was an election commitment and it’s exciting to see our residents shape such a major project.”

Division 1 Councillor Margie Ryder said it was great to see the end result of the community consultation for stage 1.

“The Mount Louisa Masterplan is a major project that will benefit the entire community and ease some of the pressure on Castle Hill and the changes made to the plan reflect the feedback we received,” Cr Ryder said.

Division 5 Councillor Russ Cook said the revised plan includes changes to the location of carparking and will keep the tracks as walking trails.

“Overwhelmingly the feedback Council received was about the location of carparking and access points for the trails on Mount Louisa,” Cr Cook said.

“We’ve removed and moved locations of carparking and these access points to ensure we get the best result for all residents living nearby.”

Division 7 Councillor Kurt Rehbein said he expects Mount Louisa to become one of the most popular destinations in Townsville.

“The feedback we received has allowed us to shape the Masterplan to the public’s expectations and allow it to become a popular activity destination in the city,” Cr Rehbein said.

Division 8 Councillor Maurie Soars said the Mount Louisa Masterplan was a key project for Townsville2020.

“The upgrades to Mount Louisa are part of the vision to provide world-class experiences both in the city and the suburbs – that was an important part of Townsville2020,” Cr Soars said.

Work on Stage 1 is expected to begin in November.

For more information and to view the revised plan, visit Mount Louisa Open Space Masterplan Stage 1.