Aerator to keep lake healthy

Date published: 23 April 2020

Townsville City Council will deploy a solar powered aerator on Keyatta Lake in West End from tomorrow to improve water quality in the body of water.

Division 9 Councillor Liam Mooney said the aerator would boost oxygen levels which, in turn, reduced the risk of algal blooms and fish kills in the lake, which sits between Ingham Road and Woolcock Street.

“This project is part of Council’s ongoing work to improve the environmental quality of our waterways and wetlands,” Cr Mooney said.

“Council will run the aerator between 3-5am and 12-2pm daily. Oxygen levels in a lake tend to decrease overnight. Running the aerator at these times will increase the amount of oxygen in the water for aquatic life and improve the health of the system.”

Cr Mooney said the aerator’s pump should not disturb nearby residents.

“The compressor is in a soundproof box and the raft that the aerator will sit on will be 150 metres from the nearest home,” he said.

“The only thing residents might notice is some bubbling at the surface of the lake near the raft when the aerator is operating.”