Meat laced with glass, poison found on Castle Hill

Date published: 22 December 2020

Townsville City Council is urging residents to take care when walking their pets on Castle Hill following the discovery of laced meat near walking tracks.

Council has reported finding the meat laced with glass and poison to police.

Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Margie Ryder said it was unacceptable for any member of the public to leave laced meat out anywhere in Townsville.

“No animal deserves to die inhumanely. Any animal could eat this meat and suffer because of it. It is not OK for anyone to leave laced meat out in our city,” Cr Ryder said.

“There are wild dogs in Townsville, however Council has a team to trap wild dogs. It is not up to the public to take matters into their own hands, and consequently put a myriad of other animals in danger.

“Traps are set up on Castle Hill and are effective to help minimise the impact caused by wild dogs.

“If you are walking your dog in the area, make sure to keep your dog close and avoid using extendable leashes.”

Any trapped domestic dogs are taken to the Animal Care and Adoption Centre for behavioural assessment and a microchip scan.

To report wild dog sightings, contact Council on 13 48 10.