More bang, less bark this New Years

Date published: 30 December 2020

As New Year’s Eve fast-approaches it’s time to plan for how to look after your pets for when fireworks ring in 2021.

Dogs in particular can become frightened of fireworks, as they are loud and unpredictable.

Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Margie Ryder said there were a few tips to help your pets manage the stress of fireworks.

“If possible, bring your pets inside during firework shows. This helps them feel safer and prevents them from running away,” Cr Ryder said.

“If your pet is crate-trained it’s a good idea to make their crate available to them. If they’re not crate-trained, try bringing their bed into a small room like the bathroom or laundry. The smaller space will help give them a sense of security.

“It’s also important to stay calm yourself and to not stress your pet out. Your pet takes its cues from you, so remember to stay as calm as possible.”

Fireworks will run at 8pm at Riverway Stadium and midnight at the Strand on New Year’s Eve.

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