Update #4: All Townsville and Magnetic Island restricted to emergency water use only

Date published: 12 December 2020

Townsville and Magnetic Island residents and business owners are being thanked for reducing their water consumption today however water consumption continues to be limited to emergency use only (drinking water and toilets).

This means turning off your irrigation and no handheld watering, no showers, no washing clothes or dishes, no filling up pools and no washing vehicles or boats.

Council staff and external contractors have now replaced a 1.3 metre diameter pipe supplying the Douglas Water Treatment Plant, the city’s primary water treatment facility, which ruptured yesterday. The pipeline is currently being tested, which is expected to be completed by around 5pm.

It is expected to take at least 24 hours to fully re-charge the system. During this time, some parts of Townsville may experience issues with water supply.

Emergency water use only will help maintain basic supply for everyone and help Council restore full supply to the city sooner.

Residents and business owners should monitor Townsville City Council’s Disaster Dashboard for latest information and updates. A further update will be issued around 6pm.