Update #8: Ruptured water pipe

Date published: 14 December 2020

UPDATE #8 - 1300hrs 14 December

Townsville businesses who require the use of water inside their premises can continue using water today as the city’s water network recovers from the weekend water emergency.

However, Townsville City Council is requesting businesses to continue to implement relevant water conservation measures where possible.

Businesses using water outside their premises should refer to the section 43 schedule on Townsville City Council’s Disaster Dashboard to ensure they are permitted to do so.

Council anticipates being able to lift emergency water restrictions tomorrow (Tuesday). A further update will be made about this tomorrow afternoon.

Water restrictions for households were eased at 4pm yesterday (Sunday) allowing activities within the house such as showering and washing of clothes and dishes to resume.

Water restrictions remain in place outside households meaning no irrigation, no handheld watering, no filling of pools and no washing of vehicles or boats.

Repairs to a ruptured water pipe which supplies the Douglas Water Treatment Plant are complete, with final commissioning and testing currently underway today.

Emergency pumping from Black’s Weir, combined with output from the Northern Water Treatment Plant and decreased consumption over the weekend has helped replenish the city’s water reservoirs.

Council again thanks Townsville and Magnetic Island residents and business owners for their ongoing cooperation in limiting their water consumption and for their continued patience and understanding.

Residents and business owners should monitor Townsville City Council’s Disaster Dashboard for latest information and updates.

Please note that Section 43 - Notice of Service Provider Restrictions (No. 4) 2020 has been revoked - Notice of Revocation of Service Provider Restrictions.