Update #9: Amended Section 43 - Notice of Service Provider Restrictions (2) 2020

Date published: 15 December 2020

UPDATE #9 - 1700hrs 15 December

Townsville City Council has today further eased emergency water restrictions, however residents and businesses are being asked to continue conserving water where possible for the time being.

Handheld watering is now permitted for household gardens and lawns between 4pm-9am in-line with the city’s normal ‘odds and evens’ system. Irrigation using sprinklers continues to be banned, as is any irrigation between the hours of 9am-4pm. Cars and boats may now be washed using buckets.

Turf farms that need water for irrigation will be able to access recycled water from Council’s Mount St John water treatment plant free of charge. These businesses should call Council’s customer contact centre on 13 48 10 to make a booking during normal business hours.

Repairs to the ruptured water pipe linking the Ross River Dam to the Douglas Water Treatment Plant are complete, with ongoing commissioning and testing.

Pumping through the pipe is being increased slowly and air valves use to expel the air. Pumping will be gradually increased over the next 48 hours.

Investigations into the cause of the pipe rupture are ongoing. The 1.3 metre diameter pipeline was installed in the 1960s, however it had an expected operational asset life of at least 80 years. The pipeline was inspected in 2016.

Council had already commenced discussions with the Queensland and Australian Governments to install a new pipeline.

Council again thanks Townsville and Magnetic Island residents and business owners for their cooperation, understanding and patience during the water emergency.

Between 11-13 December, the city’s average daily consumption was around 42 megalitres. Average daily water consumption during the month of November was around 164 megalitres.

Please note that Section 43 - Notice of Service Provider Restrictions (No. 4) 2020 has been revoked - Notice of Revocation of Service Provider Restrictions.