Residents asked to stay off Mount Louisa construction sites

Date published: 10 July 2020

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill is asking residents to stay away from the Mount Louisa walking trails while the tracks are being constructed.

“Council has received several concerning reports from the contractors about residents walking on-site and ignoring fences and construction site warnings,” Cr Hill said.

“We understand that the trails are exciting and that they are already looking fantastic, but it is still an active construction site with machinery in use and there is a lot of movement of rocks and earth happening.

Cr Hill said the extended tracks are expected to be open by the end of September for residents to enjoy whenever they like.

“Council has been able to extend the track to be 3km in total and the tracks will be open completely in September for residents to walk and enjoy whenever they like,” Cr Hill said.

“I implore residents to use better judgement and to stay off the site – it is a risk to you, the people you are with, and the contractors completing the work.

“Safety is our number one priority and it is incredibly hard to manage the risks if there are people we don’t know about on the site.

“When our contractors ask you to leave, don’t argue, they are doing it for your safety and the safety of themselves and their colleagues.”