Hazard reduction burn to cut fire risk on Mount Louisa

Date published: 8 June 2020

Townsville City Council will conduct its second hazard reduction burn for 2020 on Mount Louisa this week.

Council’s Community Safety and Environment Committee chair Margie Ryder said the burn will focus on the north-eastern face of Mount Louisa.

“The hazard reduction burn on Wednesday will target an area of 20 hectares as we look to reduce potential fuel for bushfires,” Cr Ryder said.

“The burn will be above St Albans Road in an area that is bounded by the access road for the defence navigation compound and a fire access trail.

“The weather is a key factor on Mount Louisa, the burn wouldn’t go ahead if the wind could push smoke into the flight path for the airport.”

Cr Ryder said the hazard burn isn’t expected to create any major issues for residents.

“The team will look to light the area behind some of the houses to reduce the potential risk of bush fires, but the burn shouldn’t disrupt residents,” Cr Ryder said.

“We’re working with defence and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) to reduce the risk of bushfires and defence contractors will monitor the area overnight.”

QFES’ Rural Fire Service Regional Manager Tony Hazell said Mount Louisa had been identified as a priority area in the lead up the 2020 Bushfire Season.

“The area surrounding Mount Louisa is drying out, which if left unattended could expose nearby residents to the risk of bushfire,” Mr Hazell said.

“Whilst QFES is working with Townsville City Council to keep the community safe, we want residents to think about how they can start preparing themselves for bushfire season.

“Residents should start by identifying the risks on their own property and discuss with their family what their Bushfire Survival Plan is.”

The hazard reduction burn on Mount Louisa is scheduled to start Wednesday at 9am.