How you can help make new landfill cell last longer

Date published: 16 June 2020

The Townsville community can help make a new landfill cell being built at Stuart Waste Facility last a lot longer by making greener choices in their own homes.

The new cell will be about the size of 260 Olympic swimming pools, and is expected to last for up to 24 months.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairperson, Councillor Russ Cook, said the cell could last longer if the community took small steps to reduce their waste.

“If each member of the community decreased the waste in their bins by 10 per cent, this cell would be able to last up to three months longer,” Cr Cook said.

“It’s easy to reduce your waste at home by throwing out fewer grocery items, composting more, and focusing on recycling”.

Cr Cook said building the 650,000 cubic metre capacity cell would help support 30 local jobs.

“This is part of the third stage of cells we’re building at Stuart, and the construction is part of a $4.6 million contract with Mendi Constructions,” he said.

“This project is not only supporting local jobs, but is also helping to bolster Council’s ongoing commitment to creating a greener city by effectively managing waste.”

He said it was also important that residents understood what they could take to their local landfill.

“We now have free dumping of recyclables and green waste at all of our waste facilities. If you have recycling or green waste, head down to your nearest landfill station to offload these items for free,” he said.

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