Tender awarded for new leachate pond

Date published: 4 June 2020

A $3.8 million tender has been awarded to Mendi Constructions to build a new and improved leachate pond at the Stuart Waste Facility.

The pond will store leachate, the liquid produced by waste breaking down and rainwater infiltration into the landfill, until it can be treated.

Currently leachate generated at the Stuart Waste Facility is treated through evaporation. The new pond will have a considerably larger surface area, offering better rates of evaporation as well as an increased storage capacity.

Townsville City Council chief executive Mike Chiodo approved the tender award after reviewing the application and the recommendations made by the Council officers.

The project is set to help activate works within the civil construction industry by supporting an estimated 30 local jobs.

The construction of the leachate pond is expected to take approximately six months.