Learn the ins and outs of recycling at Council’s Recycling Open Day

Date published: 11 March 2020

Find out what happens to your recycling beyond your bin at next Saturday’s Recycling Open Day.

The tours will show visitors the technology and machinery used at the Materials Recovery Facility to take recycling from trash to treasure for manufacturers.

A Townsville City Council spokesperson said the tours were a chance for whole families to get to know about how recycling works.

“Bring the kids along and learn the dos and don’ts of recycling,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s important that anyone using bins at home or in public areas understand what can go in the recycling and what needs to go into the general waste bin. You’ll be able to learn exactly where to put your waste to minimise contamination.”

The spokesperson said there would be a lot to take in at the Materials Recovery Facility.

“The Material Recovery Facility is a very busy space. We have trucks coming in to deliver recycling, which is then moved onto conveyer belts by front loaders,” they said.

“The recycling is then moved through mechanical and optical screens to separate the items, and at the end of the process the items are baled to be sent to manufacturers.

“It’s an incredible process to watch.”

The Recycling Open Day will be held at the Materials Recovery Facility on Ingham Road from 9am to midday next Saturday, 21 March in partnership with ReGroup.

Anyone wanting to come along should register for the free tour here.