Council upgrading troublesome intersections

Date published: 29 May 2020

Townsville City Council and the Australian Government are working together to reduce the risk of accidents at two busy intersections.

Council has secured Australian Government Black Spot funding to improve the intersection of Sturt and Fletcher Street in the city and the intersection of Bayswater Road and Mooney Street in Currajong.

Federal Member of Herbert Phillip Thompson welcomed the upgrades.

“I’m very passionate about ensuring our roads are as safe as possible because everyone who leaves home in the morning should return safely to their family at night,” Mr Thompson said.

“These intersections have been identified through real-life crash data indicating they are particularly dangerous.

“While Council is responsible for these intersections the Black Spot program is an important way we at the Federal level can help improve our local community.”

Deputy Mayor and Infrastructure Services Committee Chair Mark Molachino said both projects will be completed next month.

“We’ve had a number of issues at the intersection of Sturt Street and Fletcher Street as it’s a busy area,” Cr Molachino said.

“There are visibility issues as it’s off the side of the hill and the dance school and choral society bring more cars to the area.”

Cr Molachino said the centre island along Sturt St is being extended to limit the options for drivers travelling on Fletcher Street.

“Drivers heading out of the city have turned right onto Sturt Street in the past and that is when the accidents have happened – we have had issues when motorists turn across multiple lanes,” Cr Molachino said.

“We’ve received almost $290,000 to upgrade the intersection – once the works are complete, motorists will only be able to turn left onto Sturt Street so it will be much safer.

“We will also improve the carpark on Fletcher Street to make the signage and line markings clearer.”

Division 8 councillor Maurie Soars said Council will use just over $200,000 in funding to decrease accidents and congestion at the intersection of Bayswater Road and Mooney Street.

“The upgrade will eliminate a long-term issue at this busy intersection,” Cr Soars said.

“New concrete median strips will prevent drivers from cutting the corner so it reduces the risk of accidents – the median strips will also provide a refuge for pedestrians and cyclists.

“We’ve had crashes and a lot of near misses at this intersection and I’d like to thank the Federal Government for funding these improvements.”