Illuminated jetty to shine on Magnetic Island

Date published: 3 November 2020

Townsville City Council is upgrading the lights on Picnic Bay Jetty to create a new after dark destination for tourists and locals.

Deputy Mayor and Infrastructure Services Committee chairperson Mark Molachino said the jetty is a much-loved feature on the island.

“Picnic Bay Jetty is an important historic asset on Magnetic Island – it was completed in 1959 and it was the main port of call for ferries for many years,” Cr Molachino said.

“It is a popular spot for tourists and locals and the underwater lights and the new lights on the jetty will highlight its features.

“Light improvements have already started on the jetty – the Queensland Government has installed LED lights on the pathway so these lights will build on their upgrades.”

Local councillor Ann-Maree Greaney said she is confident people will enjoy the lights when they are turned on this month.

“This project gives people a new way to enjoy one of the most popular destinations on Magnetic Island,” Cr Greaney said.

“Council has spoken to residents and businesses and they’re keen to see the new lights on the jetty.

“The underwater lights have been used at Orpheus Island and other locations around the world and they haven’t had a negative impact on marine life.

“It will be great to look down at the water and watch fish, turtles or other marine life at night.

“People have had a lot of fun times on the jetty and I’m sure these lights will create a lot of fond memories at Picnic Bay.”