Council installs signs to help turtles cross road safely

Date published: 2 September 2020

Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the Ross River.

Drivers in Kelso are being urged to drive carefully as turtles make their annual migration from the Borrow Pits across to the Ross River.

Townsville City Council has installed corflutes near the Borrow Pits on Riverway Dr to remind motorists to keep an eye out for the slow-moving reptiles as they cross the street.

Acting Mayor Mark Molachino said everyone driving in the area could do their part to minimise turtle fatalities during the migration period.

“The Borrow Pits are a manmade wetland which was created when soil was taken from the area to build the Ross River Dam wall. It’s an oasis for local and migratory animals, however around this time of year it gets a bit dry for turtles, who choose to head back over to the Ross River,” Cr Molachino said.

“The road doesn’t look very large to a human, but it’s a big trip for a small turtle to make, which is why we need to all take care to avoid hitting the turtles as they make their journey to the river.”

Cr Molachino said it wasn’t just turtles that drivers had to look out for in Townsville.

“Here in Townsville we’re really lucky to be home to a huge variety of wildlife, including tropical birds, wallabies and snakes. These animals need to cross roads quite frequently, so it’s important that motorists are vigilant when driving around town,” he said.

Turtles will continue their migration from the Borrow Pits to the Ross River until late October.

To report an injured, sick or orphaned animal, call the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).