Council adopts City Plan success indicators

Date published: 26 April 2021

A Queensland-first system being implemented by Townsville City Council is tracking progress made towards achieving the objectives of the Townsville City Plan.

The Townsville City Plan Performance Indictors project has been developed thanks to a Queensland Government grant.

Deputy Mayor and Planning and Development Committee chairperson Mark Molachino said this was a new way to measure how Council was tracking in its goal to transform the city.

“Council has made significant progress in bringing the vision of the Townsville City Plan to life since it was adopted almost seven years ago and now there is a new way for us to see just how successful these measures are,” Cr Molachino said.

“The Townsville City Plan Performance Indicators are a set of measure that monitor the progress Council has made towards achieving different parts of the 25-year vision that we have for our city.

“The City Plan has four policy themes: shaping Townsville; a strong and connected community; an environmentally sustainable future, and sustaining economic growth.

“The 12 indicators are organised around these four themes. They will help Council make targeted decisions by gauging whether the policy directions identified in the Townsville City Plan are being achieved and refining the City Plan directions.

“They will also help in identifying new projects, lodging grant applications, improving governance by mobilising teams across Council towards common goals and providing a tool for community and industry engagement.”

Cr Molachino said the project had the potential to become a model that other councils across the state could use to ensure they were meeting the strategic intent of their planning schemes.

The Townsville City Plan Performance Indicators project focuses on:

  • Housing growth and land supply
  • Housing location and type
  • Non-residential gross floor area in key activity centres
  • Modes of transport
  • Footpath provision
  • Provision of regional and district open space
  • Street trees planted as part of major projects
  • Biodiversity in waterways and wetlands
  • Quality of waterways and wetlands
  • Changes in employment by key industry
  • Value of industry sectors
  • Type and value of major economic development projects

For more information about the planning scheme visit the City Plan page.