Council’s free Creative Studio brings The Warrior Project to life

Date published: 26 August 2021

Estelle Poots is making the most of the free Aitkenvale Library Creative Studio to craft a message of hope and strength for women across Townsville.

Each month, Poots uses the studio to create a video clip, song and painting based on an issue affecting women as part of The Warrior Project.

“I use the space to deliver the project in a variety of ways, from creating my videoclips, photography for my album covers and social media content creation, to interviews, audio recording and recording of cover songs,” she said.

“I have also used it as a meeting place for those wanting to contribute to the project or for those I am now mentoring and collaborating with.”

The mother of three said without the space at Aitkenvale Library, The Warrior Project might not have gotten off the ground.

“The Creative Studio has provided a way for me to deliver a project that at the outset was an impossibility financially,” she said.

“The flexibility has been really important as a working mother, as sometimes I’m there at 6am or at other times 11pm after putting the kids to bed.

“It has also given me a space away from the family home to create and meet people, which is such a gift and privilege.”

Through her time using the Creative Studio, Poots has not only been able to create on her own but also to collaborate with other users.

“The trust and independence afforded me in such a space has been crucial to the creative process and one that I really value,” she said.

“The space has provided me with the skills to create completely independently and to learn skills I would have never learnt otherwise and would have always felt dependent on others for. This is invaluable to me.

“I have been able to help others through the space also as a mentor and collaborator. In a nutshell, the space has provided a means to making my creative vision and dreams a reality.”

The art teacher and vocal coach said she would continue using the space to push her limits and to prove that artists can thrive in Townsville.

“I feel like the sky is the limit knowing that I have indefinite access to this space. I know I have the resources to meet any requirement or challenge I will face,” she said.

“I have been asked to make content for a global TV channel for women. I will continue to grow as an artist and performer. I can create programs for others, support other artists and professionals and continue to pursue my goal of making my art and a singing career.

“I started out with a crazy vision that wasn’t possible at the time and I didn’t have the skills or finances to fulfil yet. Finding this space changed everything for me and I can now move forward with confidence and certainty that I have the means to deliver what I set out to achieve.”

Townsville City Council Community and Cultural Development Committee chairperson Ann-Maree Greaney said the uptick in the number of people using the Creative Studio was a great sign for Townsville’s creative arts.

“We’ve had movie makers, coders, podcasters, singers, producers and so many more creative types use this free space,” Cr Greaney said.

“This is exactly why Council wanted to build the Creative Studio – to give locals the opportunity to flex their creativity and collaborate on engaging works like The Warrior Project.

“I know that the Creative Studio will continue to be used by local art makers, and I can’t wait to see those creations when they come to life.”

The Aitkenvale Library’s Creative Studio opened late last year to 15 early adopters – it now has more than 120 users.

Anyone interested in using the space can speak to library staff, call the library on 4727 8310 or email