Queens Gardens blossoms with install of new rose garden

Date published: 18 August 2021

Queens Gardens is blossoming with the installation of the new rose garden complete and planting of 150 rose plants finished.

The old rose garden was decommissioned for the construction of the bird aviary, with the roses relocated to Anderson Gardens until the new garden was ready.

Infrastructure Services Committee chairperson Kurt Rehbein said the new rose garden is the perfect feature for one of Townsville’s premier botanical gardens.

“The rose garden has been a favourite and staple attraction within Queens Gardens for over a 120 years, and it is fantastic to see it be re-established and located so prominently within the park,” Cr Rehbein said.

“Roses can be a tricky flower to maintain and look after, but Council staff have been meticulously caring for the 150 rose bushes planted in the new garden at their temporary home in Anderson Gardens.”

JMAC Constructions completed the project, which includes new block walls and garden beds, footpaths, seating, and irrigation and Council managed the planting.

Cr Rehbein said that the rose bushes would take another few weeks to bloom completely.

“Our contractors and staff had been watching the PH levels of the soil in the garden beds to ensure that the roses were planted in the best conditions,” he said.

“The roses also had to be pruned right back and will take another few weeks to reach full bloom again now the planting has been finished.”