Acclaimed exhibition sparks curiosity at Pinnacles Gallery

Date published: 19 February 2021

One of Australia’s most celebrated artists will bring her best known works to Townsville when Curious Affection on Tour opens at Pinnacles Gallery today.

Patricia Piccinini’s hyper-realistic exhibition brings together some of her most celebrated works for a thrilling gallery experience.

Piccinini said Curious Affection on Tour focused on the concept of relationships.

“I am interested in relations: the relationship between the artificial and the natural, between humans and the environment,” Piccinini said.

“The relationships between beings, within families and between strangers. And the relationship between the audience and the artwork.”

She said the process of creating her works had opened up a whole new world to both her and her viewers.

“Over the years, I have built up a sort of alternative world that exists just beyond the real world we live in. It is strange, but familiar at the same time. It exists as moments, objects and images that overlap with the real world in the gallery space,” she said.

Community and Cultural Development Committee chairperson Ann-Maree Greaney said she was excited that Townsville City Council was able to bring this exhibition to Pinnacles Gallery.

Curious Affection on Tour pushes the boundaries of what people expect from an art exhibition,” Cr Greaney said.

“The works on show are unusual and thought-provoking while also being charming.

“To keep up with demand to see the show, we will be opening Pinnacles Gallery on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm in addition to normal weekday opening hours.”

Piccinini has represented Australia in the Venice Biennale and is also the creator of The Skywhale and Skywhalepapa.

Skywhalepapa had its first flight in Canberra this month.

Curious Affection on Tour runs from 19 February to 16 April at Pinnacles Gallery. Entry is free.