Dog owners on notice following spate of attacks

Date published: 26 February 2021

Townsville City Council is urging dog owners to ensure they are being responsible pet owners after a spate of attacks across the city.

Last Monday alone, six aggressive animal complaints and six attacks were reported to Council staff.

Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Chair Maurie Soars said pet owners need to be doing the right thing to keep their pets secure and under control.

“It is really alarming to see the number of attacks and aggressive animals being reported,” Cr Soars said.

“Every single pet owner has a responsibility and an obligation to ensure that their pet remains on their property and is kept on a leash when in public to minimise any risk to the community.

“It only takes a second for things to go wrong and an attack to result in severe and life-threatening injuries.”

Cr Soars said that owners who do not keep their dogs under control may be penalised if they do not meet these obligations.

“This may include declaring the dog dangerous, prosecution, seizing the dog or issuing penalty infringements, but we would prefer to avoid this where possible by having residents practice responsible pet ownership,” Cr Soars said.

“No-one wants to be in a situation where their dog has caused harm to someone or their pet.”

Adequate enclosures should be:

  • High enough that the animal cannot jump over;
  • Secure enough that the animal cannot dig under;
  • Strong/permanent enough that the animal cannot push it over;
  • Holeproof so that the animal cannot escape through; and
  • Designed so no part of the animal can place any part of the body through.
  • If necessary, to prevent unauthorised release of your animal, fitting keyed locks or self-closing/latching devices on gates or to the points of entry to the property.

Attacks and aggressive animals should be immediately reported to Council by phoning 13 48 10. This number should also be used for after-hours attacks.

Stats and figures

  • Month of Jan – Aggressive 51, Attacks 40
  • 1-7 Feb – Aggressive 12, Attacks 6
  • 8-14 Feb – Aggressive 14, Attacks 14
  • 15-19 Feb – Aggressive 12, Attacks 12