Recycle Right - Keep out soft plastics

Date published: 5 January 2021

Townsville City Council is urging residents to keep soft plastics out of their recycling bins in order to protect the environment and keep the city’s recycling processing facility working effectively and efficiently.

Council’s Water and Waste Committee chairperson Russ Cook said residents should put all soft plastics in their red-lid bins or take it to REDcycle collection bins at Coles or Woolworths.

“The yellow-topped recycling bin is not the place for any soft plastics including chip packets, plastic wrapping or bread bags,” Cr Cook said.

“There is a potential for soft plastics to wrap around rotating machinery parts and that causes damage and delays at the Materials Recovery Facility.”

Cr Cook said soft plastics were found in too many kerbside recycling bins.

“Soft plastics contaminate yellow-topped bins across the city, they make up more than 10% of each recycling bin,” Cr Cook said.

“People shouldn’t wrap recyclables in shopping bags – any bagged waste received at the facility will be diverted to a landfill site.

“All degradable or biodegradable plastic should be disposed of in red lid bins.”

Keep out Soft Plastics is the second instalment of Council’s three-month Recycle Right education program.  The first stage focussed on keeping sharp and hazardous items out of recycling.

Cr Cook said next month’s final stage urges residents to keep small Items including bottle caps, bread tags and plastic clothes tags out of their recycling.

“Residents can make a big difference if they sort through their waste carefully.  Soft plastics, hazardous and small items should not be placed in recycling bins. I’m urging people to help us cut contamination and Recycle Right,“ Cr Cook said.

Watch the informational video below: