Budget invests in city’s safety

Date published: 23 June 2021

Townsville City Council is continuing to play its part in keeping the community safe, with its 2021/22 Budget including a $14.7 million investment in safety infrastructure.

Mayor Jenny Hill said the community was fed-up with actions of a very small group of individuals who have sought to undermine the safety and security of the Townsville community.

“Like many other communities across our state, Townsville is experiencing issues with the actions of a few, making residents feel unsafe,” Cr Hill said.

“Ultimately, all levels of government must work together.

“While Council is not the lead agency in responding to these issues, it recognises that it is a key stakeholder and can play a part with things like graffiti, vandalism and hooning.

“That is why Council will invest $14.7 million over the next 12 months on a range of initiatives aimed at enhancing safety in our suburbs.”

Council will invest $4.5 million in new and enhanced street lighting, $2.9 million on security and surveillance, $2.4 million on the city’s bikeway network and $1.7 million on lifesaving services at Townsville’s beaches.

Council Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Maurie Soars said around $1.4 million would be spent on the city’s network of CCTV cameras.

“Council has more than 500 CCTV cameras deployed across the city, as well as mobile cameras that can be deployed to areas when requested by other agencies,” Cr Soars said.

“The Budget includes funding to maintain our CCTVs and replace those which are approaching the end of their operational life.

“We also fund the employment of trained security staff to monitor the cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week and pass on important information to the Queensland Police Service.

“Police have acknowledged the value of Council’s CCTV camera networks for being a deterrent to anti-social behaviour as well as assisting with identifying those engaged in such behaviour.”

In addition to the $14.7 million, Council also set aside funding to ensure it can act quickly to repair and re-establish parks and other open spaces if they are damaged during the year.