Cockatoo watch – motorists urged to keep an eye out for birds on the road

Date published: 30 March 2021

New signage has been installed at Rasmussen, urging motorists to watch for red-tailed black cockatoos that may be on the road to minimise the number hit by cars.

The red-tailed black cockatoos, native to Australia, feed on seeds that grow on the trees along Riverway Drive and the surrounding area.

Acting Mayor and Division 4 Councillor Mark Molachino said the cockatoos eat seeds that have fallen off the trees, onto the road underneath them.

“Red-tailed black cockatoos are beautiful birds and we’re quite lucky to have them frequent areas such as Riverway and Pallarenda,” Cr Molachino said.

“We’ve put these signs up in the hope that motorists will take care when driving along the roads where the birds visit for food and keep an eye out for birds on the road.

“Having such an array of wildlife in our suburbs and along our water courses is such a great part of living in North Queensland, and its important that we look after our native animals and drive carefully around their habitats and food sources.”

The signs have been installed on Riverway Drive, Allambie Lane, Gouldian Avenue and Gollogly Lane.