Council wants your feedback on flood level information flyer

Date published: 15 March 2021

Nobody understands the impact of floodwaters the way Townsville residents who experienced the 2019 monsoon event do, which is why Townsville City Council wants locals’ feedback on the new Flood Level Information FAQ Flyer.

The flyer includes information to help residents understand flooding, as well as a graph of Townsville streets and landmarks with the likelihood of these areas experiencing flooding.

Mayor Jenny Hill said the flyer was designed to help locals understand flood level warnings.

“Anyone who lived in Townsville during the 2019 monsoon event knows just how important knowing which areas are at risk of flooding during major weather events,” Cr Hill said.

“Council has been undertaking comprehensive research and analysis of the monsoon event and the flooding that Townsville experienced. The 2019 monsoon was unlike anything Townsville had ever experienced before, and while it was a one in 500-2000 year event, it still pays to learn from the experience and be prepared for the future.”

Cr Hill said part of that preparation was for the public to better understand flood levels.

“The new Flood Level Information FAQ Flyer has been designed to run the public through what flood heights and warnings are, how flooding is measured, and how to understand flood scale terminology,” she said.

“It also uses landmarks that locals can relate to, like shopping centres, and key evacuation routes like bridges. This can help Townsville residents understand the scale of a flood event and adequately prepare their home or business.”

The flyer includes a flood level indicator scale between 0m and 3.6m above Aplins Weir, and marks places like the Glendale Dr causeway, Rooney’s Bridge, Stuart Dr, Woolcock St and Nathan St.

Cr Hill said the flyer is now open for community input.

“If you have feedback on the draft Flood Level Information FAQ Flyer, you can now submit your thoughts on the Have Your Say website,” she said.

“Council will take the feedback on board in creating a final version of the flyer.”

Community consultation is open until Friday 9 April 2021. To see the draft flyer and to leave your feedback, visit the Have Your Say website.