Digital advertising rules to be updated

Date published: 2 March 2021

Council is set to update rules around digital advertising across the city.

Mayor Jenny Hill said the amendments to the Advertising Devices Code would ensure the city’s planning scheme remained relevant with rapid changes to digital advertising.

“In recent years, the technology for digital advertising has improved and the planning scheme will be updated to accommodate the advancements in technology,” Cr Hill said.

“Overall, these proposed amendments to the code will ensure that digital signs don’t have an adverse impact on our community and the amenity of the city.

“Most of the updates to this part of the advertising code will include new provisions for the spacing, size, design and locations of digital signs in commercial areas.”

Planning and Development Committee Chair Mark Molachino said that while Council had resolved to make these amendments, the community will still have the opportunity to provide feedback.

“The next stage of this process is to go out to the community and the impacted stakeholders for public consultation on the proposed amendments,” Cr Molachino said.

“We will let residents know when the public consultation period is expected to open, and we will invite all feedback on the changes before a final decision is made.

“From there, the amendments will be sent back to the Minister for a final approval and Council can vote on formally adopting the amendments.”