Licensing essential for cosmetic tattooing

Date published: 14 May 2021

If you’re someone who gets microblading, feathering or other cosmetic tattoos, Townsville City Council wants you to make sure you’re visiting licensed technicians.

Businesses are required to hold a licence for tattooing, including cosmetic tattooing.

Tattoo services that must be done by a licensed technician include microblading, feathering, ombre, other eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, lips and beauty marks.

Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Maurie Soars said it was important for businesses to be licensed by Council.

“Tattooing is serious business, which is why it’s essential that these businesses and technicians have the right qualifications to comply with current infection control standards,” Cr Soars said.

“Council is required to licence these businesses and to ensure that their technicians have up-to-date qualifications and that they meet infection control standards.

“If you’re getting these tattoo services from an unlicensed technician, you run the risk of contracting severe skin and blood-borne infections.

“Businesses that offer microblading, feathering or other cosmetic tattoos that are unlicensed run the risk of a maximum penalty of $66,725.”

Cr Soars said it was easy for businesses to become licensed.

“If you are a business owner offering cosmetic tattoos, you can get licensed by contacting Council and submitting an application,” he said.

“If you are someone who get cosmetic tattoos, always check the business you’re visiting is licensed with Council. If you think they may be unlicensed, contact Council on 13 48 10.

“Together we can make sure our city only has safe, clean and fully-licensed tattoo services.”