Townsville’s bin collections streamlined with updates to truck routes

Date published: 19 May 2021

To further streamline and enhance the waste collection service, a small number of Townsville properties will see a change to their weekly bin collection day from next month.

This change, which will affect around 4,200, or around 6% of the total properties across the city and Magnetic Island, will help improve the sustainability of waste management across the city.

The impacted properties are in the suburbs of Arcadia, Nelly Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Townsville City, North Ward, West End, Bluewater, Bluewater Park, Toolakea, Yabulu and Kirwan.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairperson Russ Cook said impacted residents will receive a letter this week to advise them of the changes.

“Council staff have sent letters to the residents that are impacted by these changes, along with a calendar to mark their new collection day and the option to use a QR code and sign up for SMS reminders.

“We want to make this transition as smooth as we can for anyone that has a new collection day.

“We are doing everything we can to minimise any confusion for residents and this includes updating our website with new collection dates for impacted addresses.

“Residents will also be able to sign up for SMS reminders using the QR code on their letter.

“I would also remind residents that the time your bin is emptied may be impacted by these changes, so it’s crucial everyone has their bin out by 6am on their collection day.

Cr Cook said the changes will streamline the way waste is managed in Townsville, allowing for more efficient pick-ups by redirecting trucks.

“As all good public and private sector organisations do, Council is always looking for ways to deliver its services in the most efficient and effective manner.

“A change to certain bin collection routes has been identified to streamline and enhance our service for residents.

“These new changes will impact around 4,200 residents with some people having their general waste collection day changed, and others having their recycling week adjusted.

“The only collections that will be impacted are standard bin collection – residents that receive bulk waste collections in these areas will not have their dates changed.

“We thank everyone for helping make changes work and I urge any resident who has questions to get in touch with our customer contact centre on 13 48 10 so we can provide any additional information to assist.”

Residents impacted and suburbs:

  • 6% of Townsville properties
  • 632 Magnetic Island residents change to bin collection day
    • Parts of Nelly Bay
  • 349 Magnetic Island residents to change the recycle bin collection week
    • Part of Arcadia
    • Horseshoe Bay
    • Part of Nelly Bay
  • 1790 mainland residents to change their bin collection day
    • City, North Ward, West End
  • 1,460 mainland residents to change their recycle bin collection week
    • Bluewater, Bluewater Park, Toolakea, Yabulu, Kirwan

Total households impacted: 4,231