Free coaching workshop to build strong and resilient athletes

Date published: 29 October 2021

Training strong and resilient athletes was the focus of a free coaching workshop hosted by Townsville City Council in collaboration with the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys.

The workshop, hosted at the Hutchinson Builders Centre last night, attracted sporting coaches from across the region.

Townsville City Council Community and Cultural Development Committee chairperson Ann-Maree Greaney said the free workshop was a fantastic example of organisations collaborating to deliver for the community.

“This workshop was an incredible opportunity for Council to partner with the Cowboys to bring new knowledge and skills to our local sporting coaches across the city,” Cr Greaney said.

“There was a focus on how to support and encourage our athletes to ensure that they are strong and resilient by ensuring they have all the foundations needed to excel, including diet, training, and mental health support.

“This workshop benefits not only the coaches, but their players and their clubs, because this is knowledge that they can take back, share widely and has a practical application.”

North Queensland Toyota Cowboys Chief Commercial Officer Ross Aldridge said the workshop would strengthen the community.

“Both Gavin Cooper and Ben Rauter really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with local coaches and share the knowledge they had gained from many years playing and working in the NRL,” Mr Aldridge said.

“Our long and successful partnership with the Townsville City Council makes events like this possible and completely aligns with our joint goals of strengthening the community in which we live.”

Cr Greaney said hosting workshops and classes allows residents to learn new skills and share their interests and knowledge with like-minded people.

“Council often hosts workshops and classes in venues throughout the region as a way of providing a cost-friendly way for the community and local businesses to learn new skills,” she said.

Presenters Ben Rauter and Gavin Cooper at the coaching workshop hosted at the Hutchinson Builders Centre last night
Caption: Presenters Ben Rauter and Gavin Cooper at the coaching workshop hosted at the Hutchinson Builders Centre last night.