First tender called for dam to treatment plant pipeline duplication project

Date published: 29 September 2021

Townsville City Council has issued a call for tenders to supply and deliver pipe and fittings for the upcoming duplication of the pipeline between the Ross River Dam and the Douglas Water Treatment plant.

Mayor Jenny Hill said it was the first of a number of tenders to be called for the key pipeline project.

“Two weeks ago, Council hosted an online industry briefing for contractors, suppliers and consultants for this important project, which attracted close to 100 attendees,” Cr Hill said.

“This demonstrates the interest in this project amongst the construction industry.

“We have now issued our first tender, being for the supply and delivery of pipe and fittings for the project.

“In the coming weeks, we will issue additional tenders, including for the installation of the pipeline.”

Cr Hill said Council was committed to using local contractors, suppliers and consultants as much as possible.

“We know local companies can deliver. Local companies delivered the first stage of the Haughton Pipeline on-time and on-budget and I’m sure they can do it again with this project,” she said.

“By using locals as much as possible, we can ensure projects like this provide an economic boost to the community, as well as enhanced water security.”

The duplication of the pipeline between the dam and the treatment plant is a key part of Council’s capital investment and is estimated to cost around $45 million.

Currently, around 85 percent of Townsville’s water supply is derived from the 9km 1,220mm-diameter concrete pipeline between the dam and the treatment plant.

The existing pipeline runs adjacent to Riverway Drive and crosses Ross River just prior to the treatment plant. It experienced an unexpected failure in December 2020, resulting in a temporary disruption to water supply.

The duplicate pipeline will cross Ross River closer to the dam and run parallel to the river through the Department of Defence’s Mount Stuart Training Area before connecting to the Douglas Water Treatment Plant.

“Council will invest $177 million in water infrastructure and services this financial year,” Cr Hill said.

“The duplication of this pipeline will provide redundancy to the existing pipeline thereby enhancing Townsville’s water security.”

Companies interested in lodging a tender should visit Tenders.