Tree at risk of collapse to be removed

Date published: 2 September 2021

A Banyan Fig (Ficus Benghalensis) in Rowes Bay, located next to the gazebo on Cape Pallarenda Road, had a serious branch failure in November 2020, causing major structural damage to a pedestrian bridge.

Since then, Council crews have undertaken considerable remedial pruning in an effort to try and save the tree.

Unfortunately, further decay has been identified in a recent inspection and has been assessed by Council’s certified and experienced arborist that the tree was in danger of falling will have a large portion of the tree removed next week.

The area around the tree has been cordoned off and members of the public are urged to stay away from the tree to reduce risk of any injury.

A replacement tree from Council’s nursery will be re-planted in place of the removed tree once it reaches an appropriate size.