Contract awarded for water pipeline duplication pipe and fittings

Date published: 5 January 2022

Townsville City Council has awarded the contract to supply and deliver the pipe and fittings for its project to duplicate the pipeline supplying water from the Ross River Dam to the Douglas Water Treatment Plant.

The contract awarded to Steel Mains this month will enable construction to start this year, which will enhance Townsville’s water security.

“In late September Council issued a call for tenders to supply and deliver the mild steel cement lined (MSCL) pipe and fittings for the duplication of the pipeline between the Ross River Dam and the Douglas Water Treatment Plant. Steel Mains has been awarded the tender and will deliver the steel and concrete-lined pipe for this project,” Acting Mayor Ann-Maree Greaney said.

“The duplicate pipeline will cross Ross River close to the dam and run alongside the river through the Department of Defence’s Mount Stuart Training Area before connecting to the Douglas Water Treatment Plant, enhancing the city’s water security.”

About 85 per cent of Townsville’s water supply currently comes from the 9km 1220mm-diameter concrete pipeline between the dam and the treatment plant.

Cr Greaney said Council was calling for additional tenders for the duplication project.

“Council has broken the construction of the pipeline into two smaller packages of work to encourage local businesses to participate in the project,” she said.

“Council is committed to supporting North Queensland businesses. By using local businesses as much as possible we are able to provide an economic boost to the community and help grow the capacity of the businesses while enhancing our water security.”

Cr Greaney said Council’s 2021/22 Budget included $177 million in water infrastructure and services.

“Council is committed to enhancing the city’s water security as Townsville’s population continues to grow. This is a generational investment into the water infrastructure that our city needs,” she said.

“Having reliable access to clean and healthy water is essential for every person in Townsville, which is why Council continues to invest in new and upgraded pipes and water mains.”