Work starts on basalt boulder barrier at popular park

Date published: 17 June 2022

Anti-hooning measures are being rolled out across Townsville parks and open spaces from this week with a basalt boulder barrier being installed at Heatley Park as part of a trial by Townsville City Council.

The boulders will go along the park's perimeter to deter vehicles from ripping up the open spaces and leaving the grounds unusable.

Mayor Jenny Hill said the measures were necessary to not only reduce damage to the parks, but also to reduce the risk of residents becoming seriously injured.

“There have been too many instances of hooning behaviour at public parks and sporting fields,” Cr Hill said.

“It is a senseless crime and leaves residents and sporting associations frustrated about being unable to use their grounds and leaving them out of pocket to repair the damage.

“This hooning behaviour is illegal and if something is not done, ratepayers and sporting groups will continue to carry the financial burden of repairing these spaces.”

Infrastructure Services Committee chairperson Kurt Rehbein said the new measures would be trialled at several highly frequented parks.

“We hope through this trial, we will be able to curb hooning behaviour and allow the open spaces to be enjoyed by the community all year round,” Cr Rehbein said.

“Some of these boulders weigh as much as a car and are going to be very hard for hoons to move or drive over.

“If the trial is successful, then we will consider the use of rocks as an alternative to bollards and fences going forward.”

Local contractor SNR Morgan is carrying out the work and will install the boulders along the Fulham Road, Mill Drive and Finerty Street sides of the park.

Work is expected to finish at Heatley Park by the end of this month.