Robotic mower is new turf for Council

Date published: 1 March 2022

Townsville City Council has taken delivery of its first robotic lawnmower that will be used for cutting grass in areas inaccessible with a traditional lawnmower or tractor-slasher.

Deputy Mayor Mark Molachino said this is an example of Council using innovation to serve the community better and improve worker safety.

“The McConnel Robocut is widely used by industry professionals and will add to the services Council already offers,” Cr Molachino said.

“The lawnmower is remote controlled and is lighter and has a lower centre of gravity than a tractor-slasher.

“It can be used in areas where our crews are unable to access with traditional equipment, including soggy ground and steep slopes.

“It is also a lot safer for our team, with the remote-controlled mower able to work on 55-degree slopes, compared to 15 degrees with traditional equipment.”

The new lawnmower will start work around the community later this month.

Cr Molachino said Council’s current staff are being trained on how to operate it.

“This bit of equipment is about adding to what Council can offer the community and improving the safety for our people.

“There is the added benefit it will allow us to upskill our people and get them to work hands on with new and innovative technologies,” Cr Molachino said.