Council delivers for active transport network in 2023

Date published: 14 December 2023

Almost 14,000km of roads and cycling pathways across Townsville have been freshly line marked this year as Townsville City Council cements its commitment to maintaining an active transport network linking the city.

Council teams have also laid down more than 12,500 tonnes of asphalt and replaced almost 2,100 signs across the city during 2023.

Infrastructure Services Committee chairperson Kurt Rehbein said Council teams had been working hard to maintain the city’s transport network.

“Council looks after about 1,700km of road and 540km of pathways across our local government area. To put that in perspective, our roads and pathways is about the same length as a trip to the Sunshine Coast and back,” Cr Rehbein said.

“We’ve had 13,729km of line marking completed along this network so far this year to maintain Townsville as a safe and well-connected city.

“Part of our caring for our extensive road and path network includes our drain infrastructure, which takes rainwater runoff from homes to the street and directs it to stormwater pipes.

“In the past year, our team has completed more than 520 drain clearing jobs and has cleaned 108 gross pollutant traps, which prevent items like leaves and litter from travelling through our stormwater drain system and into our waterways.

“This essential work helps Council maintain its commitment towards promoting and protecting our dry tropics and reef coast environment as a proud Reef Guardian Council.”

For more information on the importance of healthy drains for our environment, visit Council's Creek to Coral page.